Customer Verification

A customer verification service is used by businesses to ensure that users provide information that is associated with the identity of a real person. The service may verify the authenticity of physical identity documents such as a drivers license or passport, called documentary verification, or may verify identity information against authoritative sources such as a credit bureau or government data, called non-documentary verification.

Identity verification service is used both online and in person to verify identity. These are used by some social networking sites, Internet forums, dating sites and wikis to stop sockpuppetry, underage signups, spamming and illegal activities like harassment, scams, and money laundering. These services are required to establish bank accounts and other financial accounts in many jurisdictions.

Why choose constacloud ?

We upgrade the  conviction of the identity by  enumerating effective data such as the date, the specification first develop on our database, over and over it has emerged and accurate knowledge about the data origin it has been suited against.

We have a broad range of confirmation checks to help you confirm a person owns an identity. Our output help you to posit cross-channel and product approaches so that real consumers aren't handled with intuition.

Consta Cloud is Complete Web Designing & Development Solution !

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