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The  utility of well-designed, elegant community portals are  copious. Among these are expand traffic for other sites in the community. There is a widespread tradition that a successful community portal is a "problem" because it may clasp traffic from other  renowned sites in the community. Anecdotal reports suggest just the unlike. An   excellent community portal, by its essence, convey more traffic to other sites in the community that the portal links to. So there is no logic for the owners of established sites to oppose a community portal effort. In fact, they should carry one, as it will  plausibly increase traffic for them.

Community web portals  assist as portals for the data require of specific communities on the web. We here canvass how a extensive and pliable  programme for building and  retaining a high-value community web portal has been  designed and executed. The  approach includes shared information provisioning by the community members. It is  build on an as a semantic backbone for retrieve information on the portal, for  bestow information, as well as for originating and  sustaining the portal. We have also executed a set of ontology build tools that have  enabled the construction of our show case - the community web portal of the cognizance procurement community.

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