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DMS (Dental management system)

Build on a modular system, DMS allows you to select the components you need to build a practice management platform ideally suited to your business or clinic system. Day to day functionality can also be customized to adapt the DMS system to your particular needs. The DMS solution gives you wide-ranging patient database , scheduling tools and provides a smart financial package that enables you to better manage your time. Forward thinking clinical charting tools allow you to reap the best return, as DMS dramatically improves chair side work, assist in patient education and helps create compelling treatment plans. We are dedicated to work with you every step of the way, from implementing your new software using our well proven implementation methodology, through to offering advice and training to help you get the most from your software and excellence solution. Here is the perspective of login page for the system.

Dental Management System in Korba


Dashboard accommodate four sections total sittings, total amount, new patients, activity log. Total sittings represents the total number of sittings you have on a specified date. New patients gives you information about the number of new patients that approach your clinic on that day. Total amount will show you the amount you earn on a particular date. It simplify the billing process and control all pricing & payment options with ease. Financial accounting tasks and follow up are simplified the potential for cost savings and improved cash flow are enhanced. That is if you enter a certain date on the search bar you will get the whole details about that day.

Dental Management System in Bilaspur


This link hold two sections first is add new patients, As its name say all it self, this section is for introduction of new patients. Innovative layout and controls , real time reporting and built in intelligence make it easy to manage your appointment book and maximize your time. Here you simply add new patients and their details like age, occupation, mobile no, medical history etc. second section is patient list, this will give you the whole list of your patients from the very first day. With the help of this you may see the details of all patients and also which type of treatment they are going through.

Dental Management System in Raipur


Search treatment enables you to create compelling treatment plans and options in seconds. it will ask you two object first is patient name and second is patient id, once you enter the details you will get the whole illustration of that patient. Like medicine name, number of times to give medicine, instructions etc. In this you may also create new treatment regarding to that patient. We also count the number of sittings. By This one can easily access patients clinical records, & manage your practice simply and efficiently.

Dental Management System in Raipur


Manage medicine contains two sections. First is add new medicines, Here you are allowed to add new medicine to your dispensary or medicine list. In this you have to provide the name and capacity (mg) of medicine. Second is medicine list, this shows you the list of medicine that you can dispense to the patients. It also show the actions that a particular medicine can perform.

Korba Dental Management System


With the help of this we may add new doctors to clinic. In addition this also manifest the record of doctors. By this one can edit the list. This helps to discover the doctors very easily and therefore save the time for both patient and doctors.

Bilaspur Dental Management System


Manage user helps to add new admin to the system. User details are managed by doctor himself . all the security and privacy are provided. The details of user are exited every time. We also protect your clinical data with automatic back-ups, data encryption and multilevel security access to protect from unauthorized access. It also list you the details of admin.

Raipur Dental Management System


Send sms is a useful tool to reduce no shows and last minute cancellation. It takes only few clicks of mouse to send a sms. This also featured with some special options like send to all patients, send to selected patients, send by number. Confirmation and appointment reminders to patients, notification to patients if doctor is running late etc are some of the useful services it can provide. We understand your time is valuable so it is important that your quaries are answered promptly and knowledgeably.

Chhattisgarh Dental Management System

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