A web application or web app is any program that runs in a web browser. As the time expand, web has been grab by millions of organizations as an rock bottom channel to communicate and interchange information with lookout and negotiation with costomers. Web applications are accepted due to myriad of web browsers.

With a technical point of view, web is an extremely programmable environment that allows cloud customization via the instantaneous deployment of large and multiple range of application to world wide users. Two important module of latter-day website are pliable web browsers and web applications; both are accessible entirely and multifarious at no extent. The ability to update and maintain web applications without allocating and installing software on prospectively thousands of client computers is a cue reason for their popularity.

For more specialized position, web applications suspect the content server and dynamically prompt web documents to assist to the client. The documents are foster in an excellence format  to allow support by all browsers (e.g., HTML or XHTML). Another revealing supremacy of building and sustaining web applications is that they execute their function  heedless of the operating system and browsers regulating on client side.

Examples of Web Applications are Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications, Interactive Games, Online Training, Online Polls, Blogs, Online Forums, Content Management Systems, etc..

  • Most businesses today do not need to buy data center hardware such as servers because they are affordably rented on a short term basis from a plethora of hosting companies that provide turnkey  implementations of web applications.
  • Many businesses are enabled by open source web applications such as e-commerce software that facilitates easily creating an online retail store.
  • Innovations in all aspects of web applications are providing tremendous economic value by increasing competition by reducing barriers to entry for new companies.

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