About Klipfolio

Klipfolio is an adaptable interactive online dashboard provider. It offers a flexible arrangement that makes refined BI accessible to any association without substantial investment in training or administrations, empowering both technical and non-technical clients to settle on better choices for their associations.

Klipfolio conveys Business Intelligence simpler, quicker and less expensively than ever before

Why choose ConstaCloud for Klipfolio setup?

Searching for KPI Dashboard setup, your hunt stops here!

Dedicated Programmers to develop multi-source data retrieval using API

Complex dashboards developed proficiently

Custom-designed CSS-based dashboard templates


We have the ability to integrate Klipfolio with a substantial number of APIs which are still not in the list of Klipfolio and built up a few custom applications to post information on the dashboard utilizing programming language like PHP.

Created Complex Reports/Dashboards, Charts, Data sources for a wide range of APIs, databases, Cloud-based CRMs, and so forth.

We have created the application for both REST and SOAP-based APIs and furthermore having Basic HTTP, OAuth and 2-Step confirmation.

We have an incredible team of advanced analytics specialists, who are not reluctant to push beyond existing industry best practices to develop creative solutions to target the unique and distinct needs of our array of customers.


The Klipfolio dashboards can be custom designed to monitor distinct & important factors and exhibited in an engaging, significant and astute way.


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