Automate Products Listing

Automatically list all your Shopify Store products to Real.de

Import Real.de orders to Shopify

Automatically import your Real.de orders to Shopify.

Real-Time Sync

All updates happen in real-time so you don’t have to wait.


How the Integration Works?

Eliminate Manual Entries & list all your Products from Shopify store to Real.de Marketplace & automate Inventory level sync. Integrate your Shopify Store with Real.de via our Integration today and increase your yearly turnover!

Sync all your Shopify Products & its updates to Real.de

Our Integration will list all the Products along with its updates from Shopify to Real.de by properly syncing its Category, price & other details.

Record every Orders from Real.de to Shopify

With our Integration, sync every Orders from your Real.de to Shopify for further Order processing & fulfillment.

Secure Portal for Fields Mapping & tracking sync Logs

We provide a Custom Secure portal for fields mapping for various Modules like Products, Orders, Customer, Categories, Status etc. to properly sync the correct data in the correct field between the platforms. Also, one can track the Sync status by viewing the sync logs which store the date time of the synchronization with its status.

Keep your Real.de & Shopify Inventory Up-to-date

ConstaCloud provides functionality to automatically update the inventory level in Real.de whenever there is any sales in Shopify.

Mark the orders as dispatched once processed

Whenever the Order get updated in Shopify, our automation will sync the update of fulfillment to Real.de with Tracking information. No more manual work & errors!


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